5 Best Stock Images Websites in 2022

Are you passionate for your photography career? There are many photography websites are available to earn money online. So, you can now earn more sufficient money by submitting the photos on good stock images website. Many photographers want to turn their passion into their professional work. There are lots of good options are available for photographers to earn online money and increase their income source. So, let’s discuss for the 5 best stock images websites where you can earn money by submitting your images.

1. Shutterstock


Shutterstock is one of the most popular stock photography website and one of the largest best photo sites in the market. Jon Oringer is the founder and owner of Shutterstock and the headquarter of this company has situated in New York City, USA. Shutterstock has provided awesome search features that helps user to easily find and choose the right photos for your blogs, ads, articles, social media, businesses, etc. The tool has available lots of quality photos contributed by the world top photographers.

Shutterstock has offered free registration for sign up to purchase and sell photo on Shutterstock. But Beginners can face lots of trouble on this site in the beginning. After the submission of their photos, it requires an approval of photos. When a new photographer submitted its photo then, it has been reviewed by editor. To earn money by selling photos on Shutterstock, photographer needs to submit their best 10 photos on website. To be approved your account in Shutterstock, minimum 7 pics out 10 pics must need to be approved by editor. If your photos had approved, then Shutterstock will initially pay you 25 cents only. When each single image is downloaded then, the set increases to 33 cents, 36 cents, etc. per image download as you will reach as $100, $500, $2,000 lifetime earning when each image downloads.

2. Getty Images

getty images

Getty Images is also one of the most famous photography agencies in the world. This is an American virtual media company and it is founded in 14 march, 1995. Dawn Airey is the CEO of this company and the headquartered of this company is situated in Washington, USA. It has several quality pics for businesses as well as consumers.

Entry level is very difficult for Getty Images contributors and new photographers because it is more complicated requirement for Getty Images as comparison to other top stock photography sites.  Photographers can earn atleast 20% commission when each image will sell. This site had lots of traffic that can help to gain more sales.

3. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is also another top stock images websites on the internet. Adobe Stock is a stock photo service which is owned by Abode. The best stock photography website is fully combined with creative cloud platform. All can be purchased for either commercial or non-commercial purposes. This is one of the oldest photography website over the worldwide which contains good photos. You can try free trial version of Adobe Stock. In the trial version, you can get upto 10 free photographs of adobe for 1 month without any cost.

Overall, it is a good stock images website for photographers because Adobe can give portfolio for themselves to submit photos. This site has also lots of traffic to capture more sales. The earning of users on this site is depended upon many factors of photos. There may be 33% commission on each photo.

4.  iStock by Getty Images

istock by getty images

iStock is a subsidiary stock image website of Getty Images. Basically, the main difference between iStock and Getty Images is that, Getty Images is a stock one and iStock is a microstock service. It has also available highest quality pics on its website. iStock and Getty Images had sells their photos to magazines and newspapers.

There is not available more accurate information for how much you can make with them. But it is a good source of income for passionable photographers. You can create more awareness and portfolio by submission of more and more pics.

5. ImagesBazaar


ImagesBazaar is a best Indian stock images websites in India. Sandeep Maheshwari is a CEO and founder of ImagesBazaar. He is also a great motivational speaker with highest number of subscribers on YouTube in the world. This site contains of highest quality of photographs. ImagesBazaar is one of the best website for stock photographs in India. If you want high quality photos from India, then ImagesBazaar is the one of the best one in India.

It is one of the good stock photo website in India for Indian photographers as well as foreign photographers. But the entry level in this stock photography website is very complex as compare to other. They have accepted only high-quality photos from professionals and hard workers. They will pay out 50% commission rate to photographers on each photo sells. They will only determine to quality images only instead of quantity images. The cost of photos are very expensive as according to quality of pic. So, this is also a very good platform to earn money for photographers.

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