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What Are The Top 5 Best SQLite Database Repair Tool?

In this article, you will get to know about the top best SQLite Database Recovery tool for your Windows. To keep your important data protected and safe you have learned how to fix SQLite database files and folders. To know about the Best SQLite Database Repair Tool, we should know which one is best for you to choose SQLite Database Recovery tool.

List Of Top 5 Best SQLite Database Repair Tool:

Sometimes it is difficult to decide which will be the best SQLite recovery tool for you to choose. The users need to verify the properties, features and then select the appropriate software to repair their SQLite. Below is a list of the top 5 Best SQLite Database Repair Tool.

1. SysTools SQLite Database Recovery

Systools SQLite Database Repair Tool will help you to easily restore all your data like tables, triggers, columns, indexes, views from your database, SQLite 2 and SQLite 3 files. This tool is also capable to scan the DB file of Mozilla Thunderbird and IncrediMail clients with complete data information. The SQLite database recovery tool is capable enough to restore data from SQLite and export only selective database objects like tables, triggers and views. It will also help you in saving time and extra effort by transferring all the desired data to a specific safe location.

Some of its features are as follows:- 

  • The users of the tool can easily export the data in three different ways. They can save this data as SQLite, MS Access, and any other database. 
  • This tool provides its users with a facility to preview all the tables, triggers, and views of DB files. 
  • It supports SQLite data formats like UTF – 8 (ANSI) & UTF – 16 (Unicode).
  • Data Mapping option lets you to map all SQLite data with other data types.
  • This software can be inaugurated on all windows operating systems. 
  • An Option to search by keyword or phrase within SQLite or Database file.
  • This tool will help you in sufficiently loading the SQLite Database files created in SQLite2 and SQLite3.

2. Stellar SQLite Repair Tool

Stellar SQLite Repair Tool software is specially designed and developed for repairing all the corrupted on damaged SQLite database files. This software has special powerful algorithms that will scan all your SQLite and DB files and repair them with complete care so that it does not get destroyed. It has a search engine also which will help you to find a database through a specific keyword.

Features of this tool are as follows:- 

  • The software allows you to view the report directly in the bottom panel. 
  • This software has a feature of a sorted graphical user interface so that your files get organized. 
  • The files that are reviewed can be previewed before saving them.  
  • It provides its users with a separate option to clear the log.

3. Kernel SQLite Database Recovery

This SQLite database repair tool is one of the best SQLite recovery tools in the market. It is designed with advanced algorithms which will help me to recover databases that are damaged, corrupted, and deleted. By the use of the story, you can easily restore all the corrupted DB, DB3, SQLite, and SQLite3 files. This software also allows you to select specific data and restore it without any changes in the data quality.

Some of the details of the software are as follows:-

  • This software helps you to maintain the data integrity of SQLite database files.
  • This software offers you a complete review of the SQLite database without any changes.
  • It follows a very simple procedure to help you recover all your SQLite database files.
  • This software is appropriate for all the versions of sq lite engine with both the latest and older version. The latest version of the software is 3.36.0. 
  • It helps you to maintain all your data integrity of tables, indexes, views, and triggers.
  • This tool is also available as a trial so that you can repair and preview the contents. 
  • It is also applicable for all the versions of Windows Operating Systems like Windows 7, 8, and 10.

4. SysInfo SQLite Database Recovery Software

SysInfotools SQLite Database Recovery Tool provides their users with an unaltered solution for your SQLite data recovery. It is integrated with an advanced algorithm that will thoroughly scan SQLite database files created in SQLite 2 and SQLite 3. It also offers a preview of your recovered and repaired tables, indexes, and database files.

Some features of this software are as follows:-

  • This software offers its users a smart tree-like structure preview of their repaired and recovered database files. 
  • It has a special feature of column mapping which helps the users to save their recovered data in another Data type. 
  • This tool has two models in which you can save your corrupt SQLite database. 
  • It is applicable for all Windows Operating Systems including the latest version Windows 11.

5. Aryson SQLite Database Recovery

Aryson SQLite Database Recovery Tool provides their users with special and smart support for the SQLite database files that are corrupted. It will also help you to easily repair and recover your corrupted and damaged SQLite database files. There is no technical expertise needed in operating this software. This software is specially designed for both technical and non-technical users to make easier use for them.

Some of the excellent features of this software are:-

  • This software scans and repairs your corrupted SQLite database files or DB files like Thunderbird & IncrediMail clients.
  • This software also supports SQLite database file formats like UTF-8 (ANSI) and UTF-16 (Unicode).
  • It offers the users to load all the corrupted SQLite database files created in SQLite 2 and 3. 
  • It gives a preview of all the information of SQLite database tables, triggers, columns, indexes, and views. 
  • You can install this tool on any Windows Operating Systems like Windows 7, 8, and 10.


The SQLite Database files are more at risk to get corrupted and damaged. These files require some special assistance and protection to keep your important data safe and secure from any type of damage or loss. Manual efforts and care will not only be helpful to repair and recover the damaged data. For this reason, this software has been designed to help you in restoring all the databases.

Choosing the correct SQLite Database Recovery tool can be a challenging task. So to make it easier for you the above article contains the top 5 Best SQLite Database Repair Tool. The above tools are the best for you to get all your damaged data repaired and recovered. You can select any one of the above as per your convenience to get your database recovered.

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