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Top 5 CSV to vCard Converter to Export Contacts from Excel to vCard VCF

Are you still preferring to use an Excel spreadsheet to store and deal with countless pieces of information? Would you like to convert Excel contacts to vCard file format? You will be confused as there are many in line! Is it so, then here are we are discussing the list of 5 best Excel to vCard converter. Using these professional solution, one can effortlessly convert and export Excel contacts to vCard VCF format.

There are lots of Excel to vCard converter / CSV to vCard converter software available in the market. In the list of best Excel to vCard converters list, the clients are searching for certain highlights like simple user interface, virus-free, no file size limitations, accurate & quick conversion, and compatibility with Windows OS. So that they can directly convert Excel XLSX, XLS to vCard VCF format. These simple utilities will help you to choose the best one. And let you perform hassle-free conversion of XLSX to vCard or CSV to vCard file format.

What are the Top 5 Excel to vCard Converters

  1. SysTools Excel to vCard Converter
  2. RecoveryTools CSV to vCard Wizard
  3. BitRecover CSV to vCard Wizard
  4. Mailvare CSV to vCard Converter
  5. Softaken CSV to vCard Converter

1. SysTools Excel to vCard Converter

systools excel to vcard converter

SysTools Excel to vCard converter is the best program that satisfies all the client’s requirements to convert over excel contacts to vCard file format. This software tool is 100% secure from virus assault and gives the client an exact outcome. Utilizing this tool, one can easily transfer contacts from Excel XLS, XLSX to vCard VCF file format. The most amazing aspect of this tool, it works with all Windows OS platforms and also supports all MS Excel versions including Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc.

Features of CSV to vCard VCF Converter

  • The software tool not only supports XLS files but also allows the conversion of XLSX to vCard format.
  • An opted version of the vCard file can be chosen before proceeding to the conversion of contacts.
  • Conversion of various contacts in both – a combined vCard, and a vCard file for each contact, are supported.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface for error-free conversion.

2. RecoveryTools CSV to vCard Wizard

In our list, RecoveryTools CSV to vCard Wizard lists at second number. It is another wonderful utility to change CSV files to VCF file format. This let you to choose CSV files and convert CSV contacts to vCard file format. The VCF record design is a standard file format to store contact data like name, address, telephone, email address, and so forth, and it is being quite popular among users due to its portability. A large portion of the clients who were used to store their contacts in Excel CSV is searching the ways to convert CSV files to VCF files.

The software tool loads multiple CSV contacts and displays a preview of contacts before performing the conversion. It is successfully applicable with 40,000+ contacts and it can also convert CSV to VCF files in bulk.


  • Convert CSV record contacts into VCF and different organizations
  • Export CSV contacts to vCard options like v2.1, v3.0, and v4.0
  • Allow mapping 50+ CSV contact fields manually / automatically
  • Export all or only desired CSV contact fields into the selected format
  • Convert multiple CSV files with unlimited contacts in a flow.


  • Demo Version converts 10 contacts per CSV document.
  • Limited features in trail mode.

3. BitRecover CSV to vCard Wizard

A committed platform to transfer contacts from Excel to vCard format is given by BitRecover Excel to vCard migrator software. It is another best Excel to vCard converter permits authorities to utilize or open Excel document’s contacts in smartphones like Samsung, OnePlus, and then some.


  • Export various CSV file contacts into VCF format.
  • Preserve entire CSV contact information during the conversion
  • Preserves original Meta properties of CSV file while conversion
  • Option to save converted CSV contacts into desired location path
  • Capable to save PowerShell CSV into the required format


  • It does not convert CSV file contacts on Mac OS X
  • Demo Version converts at least 10 Items per CSV.

4. Mailvare CSV to vCard Converter

It is broadly utilized among locally established PC clients. Since typically, they have little measured Excel file(s) to save its contacts in vCard record. The product is in disconnected mode, providing a safe and secure environment for migration.


  • A quick way to convert CSV file to VCF format
  • A preview of CSV file with mentioned rows and columns
  • Field mapping – Map CSV attributes with vCard attributes
  • No supportive program necessary for the conversion process


  • CSV does not support contact photos
  • Lack of standardization.

5. Softaken CSV to vCard Converter

Softaken Software causes you to discover dependable and quick transformation, fixing, getting, blending, and splitting tools for users of different email clients. Using Softaken CSV to VCF Converter, you can migrate all contacts from CSV document to vCard file format and also access CSV contacts on the devices and platforms.


  • User Interface
  • Add Multiple Files at Once
  • Convert files to Any Format
  • Bulk File Conversion
  • Advanced Preview Option


After thinking about the connected software performance, overall features, result in accuracy, and working, we have created a list of top 5 Excel to vCard converter. We have tested all the tool and provided the best solution to export Excel contacts to vCard format. One can effortlessly convert Excel XLS, XLSX and CSV to vCard VCF format by using best CSV to vCard converter. Among all these tools, it is presumed that SysTools Excel to vCard Converter is the best utility for users to convert CSV to VCF format. It comprises several handy features to make conversion simpler for the end-users.

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