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5 Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools That Works in 2022

Are You Looking for the Best Plagiarism Checkers?

Here’s a list of top 5 best free online plagiarism checkers for your writing passion. This will help you to check your content without any trouble. Find here number of online plagiarism checker tools to check blogs or articles and skip to get penalize from Google. Free plagiarism checker tool is so great to use for determining the stolen content and you can always trust on those results.

Either you are a blogger or a University Student, each and everyone requires a plagiarism checker tool to recheck the content. With the consequence of using someone’s content that is plagiarized being so severe, therefore you need a plagiarism checker tool on which you can rely.

What is Plagiarism?

First, let us know what is plagiarism and why we need plagiarism checker tool for it. If we go with the dictionary meaning, then Plagiarism means “copying another person’s words and pretending that they are your own”. In simple words, Plagiarism refers to the duping someone’s work and utilizing it for own advantage. These online plagiarism checker tools are really helpful in all aspects of life. If you are student, then respect the people’s idea work and don’t steal the ideas from it. On the business perspective, these tools are helpful in protecting you your copyrights and secure internal documents.

The phrase “Content is King” is indeed significant and the content marketing is a powerful way to increase sales to a considerable extent. To ensure that you are using an original content and get rid of any copied content, check out the 5 best online plagiarism checker tools.

If your content finds a plagiarism, then there is a need to rewrite your original content. To help you in selecting best plagiarism checker and saving your time, we have listed top 5 plagiarism checkers for you. Let’s Start and check out the list of free online plagiarism checkers.

List of 5 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools 2022

1. Dupli Checker

Dupli checker is one of the best plagiarism checker tools for users. It is an absolute free tool to examine the plagiarism for free for teachers, writers and bloggers. It’s so catchy plagiarism checker if you don’t want to invest in a software. The tool consists of all the advance features that are available online for free of cost. It is best for website owners, students, teachers, etc. which lets you to inspect the content for free. It has an option to check duplicate content by adding a URL link or uploading a document from local drive. Additionally, it also offers other Dupli tools including spell checker, word counter, merge words, grammar check, etc.


  • Supports different file formats including PDF, RTF, Doc, Tex, and Txt
  • Plagiarism checker
  • API and Plugin
  • Grammar checker

2. Grammarly Plagiarism Tool

Grammarly is best for the comprehensive writing feedback which includes, grammar check, spell errors, words use, etc. It is more than a plagiarism checker tool which provides writing feedback to improve the tone, readability and clarity of content. It is a well-known tool for scholars, students, website owners, content writers, etc.


  • Plagiarism check
  • Grammar check
  • Clarity and engagement
  • Browser extensions for Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, Edge
  • Word and Outlook add-on

3. PaperRater

PaperRater is another online free plagiarism checker tool which is absolutely free. It is one of the best free plagiarism checkers to evaluate content from different factors. You won’t get another tool like this which offers plagiarism checking, automated proofreading, grammar check, and automated scoring that inspects your content so quickly.


  • Computerized Application to improve content composition
  • Fast results show up around 5-15 seconds.
  • Does not bargain the nature of its surveys
  • Requires no login or sign ups.
  • Auto grader module that provides a score to your write-up

4. CopyLeaks

CopyLeaks is another most demanding plagiarism checker which provides most accurate results. It has a free version but with certain limitations. CopyLeaks considers those activities and brings up them in front of you so that you can resolve them by addressing it. Free version of the CopyLeaks is an ideal plan if you’re a student or if you required it occasionally. However, if you need it on a regular basis then you need to upgrade to a premium account. This offers a deep search for plagiarism and get detailed reports.


  • CopyLeaks offer a copyright infringement checker
  • Support for different file formats such as PDF, HTML, DOCX and more.
  • Offers integration with Google docs, MS word, etc.
  • Copyleaks detects plagiarized content in any language
  • Business segment that caters to plagiarism detection for SEO agencies and publishers.

5. Small SEO Tools — Plagiarism Checker

It is another top free plagiarism checker for beginners. It is always a preferable plagiarism checker for newbies and students. The plagiarism checker offers to check plagiarism via URL, uploaded document file and plain content. In a free edition, you can determine plagiarism of content up to 1000 words. This will show the progress results in real-time, which shows plagiarism vs unique content along with its plagiarism source. It will take only few seconds to determine the content in few seconds and marked in red which is a copied content. If you are searching for a free plagiarism checker, then it is one of the best sites.


  • Simple and effective free online plagiarism checker for students.
  • Upload documents from cloud
  • Plagiarism checker API and Plugin
  • Download plagiarism report
  • Multipurpose tools.
  • Plagiarism check with a local file, URL, and plain text content.

Time to Conclude

In this blog, we have provided a list of 5 best free plagiarism checker tools. Using these tools will protect you to copy someone’s content for university assignments, blogging content, approve plagiarism-free content if you are moderator of blog, etc. Just have a look on the top 5 plagiarism checkers which lets you to keep only original content and skip the false promises of others contribution. Go through all the 5 online plagiarism checkers to check the originality of content.

I hope this will help you!!

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